Why are we vaccine hesitant in a pandemic? Tools to boost confidence in vaccines

22 April 2021 | 15:00-16:00 CET | online


The process of developing COVID-19 vaccines has highlighted not only the undisputed importance of these products in safeguarding public health but also the challenges involved in the process. We must get this right to increase people's faith in vaccines for good and for years to come.

Our second EPHA webinar, as part of our new #VaccineEquity campaign aiming to build vaccine equity in Europe, raise vaccine uptake and boost confidence in vaccine will examine what the EU and national governments can still do to boost public trust in vaccines.

Join our speakers from academia, press and national administrations who will present the current challenges in the rollout of COVID-19, analyse the spectrum of vaccine hesitancy, and explain what now needs to be done, focusing on the needs of marginalised populations as national vaccination programmes keep shifting. 

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